Dr. Rebecca Sachs

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I was very lucky to meet Helene just at the opportune time in my career! She really helped me recognize my strengths and craft a personal vision. I was able to grow my practice almost overnight into a thriving full time private practice. Without Helene’s aid and feedback I think my approach would have been far less focused and meaningful, and she has saved me countless money and wasted time in the process. Helene is a pro in helping you figure out how to identify what you want, who you are, and then be able to articulate and demonstrate that in very tangible ways. After working with Helene I was able to quickly create a website that I am very proud of, one that new patients and professionals tell me stands out from other therapists’ websites.

Dr. Rebecca SachsLicensed Clinical PsychologistCBT Spectrum, New York, NY

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